How to reach Lonar from Mumbai

Lonar Crater is geo heritage monument that is located in Buldhana District of Maharashtra and it is the only hypervelocity impact crater in basaltic rock on Earth. I think this is sufficient for anybody to head there as quickly as time permits. You can find a detailed description on Wikipedia as well as different websites. Simply Google it.

Lonar had been on my mind for a while and a recent discussion with a friend made me want to go there asap. So, I did a bit of research, packed my bags and took the 17057 Devagiri Express from CST at 9:10 PM. Since I didn’t have a reservation, I took a general ticket that cost me 140 bucks and loaded myself up the general compartment.

In case you’re not up for such an experience, you ought to, in a perfect world, book a ticket up to Partur, the nearest station to Lonar. If not Partur, you could book a train to Jalna that is around 100 Kms from Lonar.

You could likewise reach Aurangabad from your city and make a beeline for this wonderful place from that point. Aurangabad is marginally more popular than the above areas and has a decent number of trains stopping there.

In the event that you take the Devagiri express from Mumbai as I did, you’d achieve Jalna station something close to 6 a.m. early in the day. Take a share auto from Jalna station to Jalna bus station that would cost you around 15-20 bucks.

CST Station Crowd

There’s a bus straightforwardly to Lonar, however that is at 7:30 am, so as opposed to waiting at the depot, take a bus to Sultanpur (frequency is 15 mins). It’s anything but difficult to reach Lonar from Sultanpur. You could either take another bus or take shared taxis that’ll drop you to Lonar bus stand for 15-20 bucks.

Bus Ride

From the bus stand, you can either walk or take an auto that’ll cost you somewhere close to 15-20 bucks depending upon where you need to go. I’d suggest a walk around that’ll help you get a hang of the place and strolling is in any case useful for the health, no??

There are different spots to begin your Lonar experience and a large portion of people prefer beginning it from the point close MTDC hotel. I visited the Gaumukh Sanctuary and chose to descent from that point itself. That descent ended up with a halt to a small temple and a dargah.

I also found myself lost in the thick bush of trees and was contemplating to head back to the starting point but something was holding me back. Something was calling me. Something wanted me to not give up and continue to descent and so I did. After wandering for a while, I ended up reaching the lake. The section/exit is set apart by a red fabric tied on one of the trees.

It was at that point very hot and fortunately, I had enough water, snacks and so forth to prop me up and I choose to cover the stretch along the lake to reach Shri Kamlaji Devi temple. I assumed it would be a simple task, yet trust me, that little stretch was exhausting and how!

Strolling on the stretch in solitude, with not a single human to be seen by any means, combined with a few noises originating from the backwoods furthermore, wasn’t a simple task, yet it was an experience I would love to do once more. I won’t lie, I got frightened a few times because of the echoes originating from the bushy areas.

I reached the temple, rested under some shade for some time, drank water, had a few tidbits, washed my face to spruce up and set out toward the upwards travel. It was near twelve at that point and the sun was sparkling in the entirety of its grandness, so I chose not to go on the same journey again.

I began the hike from the temple’s end itself and on my route, ran over this astounding aide with MTDC named Ramesh Rathore, who clicked such a stunning photograph of mine. He is a ‘Banjara’ and is very proficient (You’ll discover his recordings on YouTube and Instagram).

Going Solo

I followed the path as said by Ramesh and reached the exit close MTDC, half dead. I chose to have my lunch, spruce up and loosen up before taking off once more. The heat was very extraordinary, so I stayed in the garden area, engrossed in a book, unwind under the shade of trees.

Around 4:30 pm when sun’s rage begun lessening, I decided to venture outside, visited the regions close by and found an astonishing stop for seeing the dazzling sunset! I took a 360-degree picture and couple of recordings as well, you can check it on my Facebook page

Post appreciating the thing that I love the most-sunsets, I went to the bus stand again in a shared auto and took a direct bus to Jalna from that point.

I had booked a bus from Jalna to Bombay as I needed to go to work the following day and would not like to debilitate myself by going in a general compartment once more.

I had my dinner at an eatery whose name I can’t recall at the present time, I loaded up the bus and dozed off inside minutes, just to wake up in Mumbai.

It was a short outing that’ll I’ll always remember on the grounds that I ticked one place off my list, watched one of the most beautiful sunsets, met some extremely amazing individuals, got lost a bit but didn’t give up and found the way on my on.

If you want to know more about the people I met on the journey and my experience over there, please check this post – Lonar Crater- A Unique Experience In Maharashtra

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