Lonar Crater- A Unique Experience 500 kms from Mumbai

In case you’re here for the itinerary of the trip, you’re at the wrong place. This post is more about the experience of my Lonar trip. On the off chance that you need the itinerary, you can check this post – How To Reach Lonar From Mumbai


This excursion was a smidgen excessively irregular, more arbitrary than the most of my treks as I didn’t have a ticket booked to reach the place. I wanted to go to this place for a while and one fine day simply chose to head there. I tried my luck at booking the tickets, but couldn’t get a reservation so I thought I might as well go in the general compartment.


When I reached CST station and took a ticket for Jalna, the train had just arrived. As I reached the platform and moved toward the general compartment, I saw few people fighting and calling each other names. I right away chose I decided I wasn’t going to enter that compartment for sure and headed towards the end of the station to get into the other general compartment.

CST Station Crowd


This one was somewhat not full, however, I couldn’t figure a place to sit. The thing with these general compartments is that if you keep some stuff on the seat, it is held for you. If someone ends up taking that seat, there’s a high possibility that one would get into a fight and I was in no state of mind to get into that. While I was meandering in the compartment, a man in his late 50s or mid-60s offered me some space to sit and I joyfully took it. He kept his shawl on the seat, on which 5 individuals typically ‘balanced’. He said he, for the most part, offered it to senior citizens or ladies, however, offered it to me since he could sense I was travelling in the general compartment for the first time. He figured it would be troublesome for me to survive the long excursion standing. I was more than glad being offered the seat and he offered the rest of the seats to people who truly needed it and were thankful to get the seat.


We chatted for a couple of minutes and I don’t know why it struck him late that I was travelling solo. I don’t comprehend what got into him, however in the wake of understanding that, I could detect that he had accepted it as a commitment to ensure I didn’t feel alone. We discussed a ton of things, nearly everything under the sky.


What extremely astounded me were his thoughts on religion and humankind. He mentioned how religion has done us more harm than anything else. He believed religion was simply made to get a hold of a vast majority of people and then direct them in a direction they’d like to go. His thoughts on religion and people were more evolved than the vast majority of the informed individuals I have come across. In his opinion, everybody should be treated equally and should be given equal chances.


While there are a couple of rotten people all over, however pulverizing everyone over it is quite stupid. He gave a lovely case how it is about individuals and that’s that. I have dependably had faith in that and his illustration appeared to be so adept. He said how a woman in his town had two children. She treated both similarly, with equal affection and similar treatment in general. One ended up completing his graduation and landed a wonderful position at a great company. The other one ended up being a cheat. Does this make the mother awful? NO! It has been and will always be about individuals. Rebuking the entire population for the wrongdoing of a few people is as wrong as it would ever get.


He also shared his insights on various other things. While it is okay to assist individuals with cash, food, garments, and other materialistic things, however, they won’t increase the value of the individual’s life. Offer some information and give them something that stays with them forever and see how things change. He had another case for this one as well. I felt he had a case or story for everything and some way or another it went so well with the topic that it nearly felt unbelievable. ‘There was a man in a town who was destitute, didn’t have anything and used to continually quibble how terrible his life is and how unfortunate he has been, however, he never made a move. One fine day, the ruler brought him in and asked him what his concern was. He clarified everything, except as opposed to helping him financially he gave the man a hatchet and instructed him to begin cutting wood and selling it to the adjacent house. He began doing it and in few days got better than average flow of income.  Within a few days, he purchased a storage room, apparatus et cetera. As time passed, he proceeded to become one of the richest and influential individuals of the area.’

The whole point of this narration was to emphasize on the fact that we must not always focus on helping people with materialistic things, but we must offer them something that isn’t available easily and would help them in the longest of times.  


He had a fascinating perception on a ton of different things, but I’d keep that for some other day. This interaction made me realized what a pleasant individual he was and he wanted to share whatever he learned over the years with as many people as he could so people start realizing things they haven’t been realizing over time and start becoming more compassionate.


Realizing we’ve just got a couple of hours before we reach our destination, we thought of dozing off as that would be the sanest decision at that point in time.


As Aurangabad arrived, the train got full again and I endeavored to return the kindness by offering my seat to someone else. I stood for the remainder of the journey, but the smile of the person to whom I offered the seat was more than enough for me.  


As Jalna arrived, I said goodbye to the kind man and off I went to explore another place and witness another unique thing.  


WAIT!! The experience doesn’t end here! I know this has been a long post and some of you might have already gotten bored of it, but it would be wrong on my part to not share the remainder of this journey. Experiences like these invigorate me to continue with such trips.


I got down at Jalna and boy it was freezing! Me being me, I had forgotten to get along a sweatshirt. Anyway, I wandered aimlessly for few minutes before getting an auto for Jalna depot from where I took a bus to Sultanpur. The conductor was kind enough to tell a co-passenger to help me reach Lonar. The co-passenger and I got down at Sultanpur to get into our next ride for the final destination- LONAR!!

Bus Ride from Jalna to Sultanpur

We got into a shared cab and I exchanged pleasantries with the person sitting beside me. He seemed to be a kind man and helped me in a way. He mentioned what I should be doing, what are the places I must visit, how do I reach the lake and so on. He called a few people as well to confirm the path, etc.

Jeep ride from Sultanpur to Lonar

While we were discussing things, the topic of health came into the picture and that brought a whole different side of him. He mentioned how he never missed a single day of working out and how he’s run the Mumbai Marathon 4 times. The fact that someone from a place that isn’t so developed placed health above other things kind of moved me.  


Finally, we arrived at the place and said goodbyes before I headed to the crater. I took a random path and got lost somewhere, but found my way again and reached the Lonar Lake. To be honest, the whole view of the Lonar crater was something I had never seen. The lake between sad covered by a dense set up of trees made it a pleasant sight. I came across a guide over there who clicked a stunning photo of me, Mr. Rathore, who claims to be a ‘Banjara’. You can check his videos on YouTube.

I had my food and rested for a bit at MTDC, Lonar for a while before I headed to this stunning place that Rathore has instructed me to check out for sunsets! That was indeed one of the best sunsets I’ve witnessed. After clicking a few pictures and witnessing something that is unusual, I headed for my return journey to Mumbai from Lonar.


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