Pushkar Mela- 1 Rajasthani festival one must not miss!

We have all heard of the famed Pushkar Mela that takes place every year in Rajasthan. A lot lies behind this world-famous cattle festival. A history that dates back to about 2000 years, Pushkar is one of the most sacred sites in India. The Pushkar lake is supposed to have divine healing properties.  Its divinity is primarily the reason why pilgrims flock to the lake to wash away their worldly sins and to pay their last respects at the holy Brahma Mandir. It is believed that all the three hundred and thirty Gods and Goddesses of Hinduism gathered at the Pushkar lake on the day of the full moon to deem the Pushkar lake holy.  

According to some other ancient stories, the discovery of Pushkar Lake was due to Lord Brahma’s quest for a location to hold a holy ceremony. For this, He dropped a lotus which then fell upon the now Pushkar lake. The Pushkar lake has about fifty-two bathing ghats where people take a dip in the holy water or perform religious rituals.

The area around the lake is always crowded with locals as well as tourists who visit the spot to experience the warmth and spirit of the holiest spot in Rajasthan. Puskar is also home to the Brahma temple, a rarity in the whole of India. The Bramha Temple called the Jagatpita Brahma Mandir in Puskar, was built with high-quality marble and stone in the 14th century. A very striking fact about this Brahma temple is that married men are forbidden entry into the temple.  The place only allows ascetics or sanyasis to set foot inside the temple.

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Pushkar Mela-
The Pushkar Mela, also known as the Pushkar Camel fair is celebrated in Ajmer (Rajasthan). The fair is held in the Kartik months of October and November, specifically on the day of Kartik Purnima (full moon night). The festival is known around the world as locals present their livestock in artistically pleasing ways in order to attract buyers.

This consists of camels, horses, cows, goat and sheep, all clad in merry and colourful pieces of clothing. Apart from this, the Puskar mela also has a lot in store for tourists who come to visit. The fair displays approximately fifty thousand camels at the fair and has an approximate footfall of 15 lac people every year. These are enough and more reasons to visit Pushkar Mela. However, if you are still not sure, there are a lot of other things too.

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Apart from the Pushkar mela itself, you can also be a part of the following activities-

There are tiny thhelas or stalls that sell ethnic handmade products right at the Pushkar mela. You will find everything that is used to dress herds of cattle at these stalls. A lot of stalls are also stocked with silver ornamental jewellery, clothes with intricate hand-embroidered patches and colourful cloth materials with traditional Rajasthani prints on them.

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Pushkar’s Harmony Marathon:
If you feel like you need your fix of fitness activity while you’re holidaying, participate in the Harmony Half Marathon held at Pushkar. The marathon starts from Ajmer Sharif and stretches over to the Pushkar Stadium Ground.

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Hot-air balloon:
Take off on your own little ride up in the sky while the jostling crowd at the mela makes enough din for the day. You can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the world’s largest cattle festival while you’re amidst the clouds. If you want to go in for the hot-air balloon activity, make sure you book it in advance. It costs about Rs.15,000/- which is inclusive of a direct pick-up from the hotel and a ride back to the hotel.

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Desert Camp:
As the day comes to an end and your tired self, needs to relax, the tents on the Pushkar fields are the only thing that’ll come to your rescue. Spread across the whole field, these tents afford a very rich traditional experience for travellers visiting the Pushkar fest. What’s better about the tents is that they are as luxurious as they are traditional. A deluxe non-AC tent would cost you about Rs. 8,000/- (per night) while a luxury AC tent will cost you anything around Rs. 12,000/- (per night).

These charges are inclusive of all meals while you’re staying there. We suggest you check for discounts before booking the tents. If you’re planning to visit Pushkar in the winter months (other than the Pushkar Mela time), you can stay in these tents and enjoy folk dances and music nights organized by them as well as camel safaris that take you to picturesque sunset points. Whoever said that you’ll have to find accommodation at a fancy hotel, definitely didn’t know about the desert camp at Pushkar.

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Be a part of unique competitions:
The traditional fair also hosts a couple of very unique and never-seen-before competitions. You will find very basic but different competitions at the mela just like the matka-phod (break the pot) competition, camel races, turban tying, lambi mooch (longest moustache competitions) competition among many others.

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Shopping in Pushkar:
Any trip or vacation is incomplete without shopping. Shop till you drop at the Pushkar Bazaar and pick up some of the best ethnic items from here.  The market is known for selling some of the best quality rose pulp. Other items that are hot-sellers at the Pushkar Bazaar are the rose syrup, gulkand and various handicraft items. Most of these are made by smaller artisans and manufacturers so you’ll get a taste of non-factory made products from all the items you buy at the bazaar.

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Reaching Pushkar:
Pushkar is quaint little town located in the state of Rajasthan. The nearest airport to Pushkar is the Jaipur airport that is located at an approximate distance of 140 kilometres from Pushkar. At a distance of 11 kilometres from Pushkar lies Ajmer. If you’re planning to go to Pushkar from Ajmer, we recommend that you keep some buffer time so that you can stop over on the way and enjoy the views that you come across while you’re travelling to Pushkar. You can combine your trip to Pushkar with a visit to Ajmer as the two are located very close to each other.

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This year the Pushkar Mela is taking place from November 4, 2019 to November 12, 2019. When are you making travel arrangements for Pushkar?

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