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What to do if you have 3 days in Jaipur?

Jaipur, the quintessential Pink City of India has been at the heart of Indian royalty for centuries now. A very interesting fact about the city is that most of the buildings here are painted in a terracotta pink colour and so, it is called the Pink City of India.  Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh first strategized to re-do the entire city and paint it in pink as a way to welcome and win-over Prince Albert in the year 1876(Source: Google). Jaipur has had one of the most glorious and regal pasts and here’s your guide to a 3-day trip full of royalty, in Jaipur:

Reaching Jaipur:
The Pink City is located on the west of Delhi and is very well-connected to Delhi through road, train and by air. Suggest you take the bus as it is faster compared to train travel. If you’re travelling by train, expect to reach Jaipur in about four to six hours. For travellers short of time, air travel makes the most sense but might be more costly. Those travelling from other cities such as Bangalore or Mumbai, I suggest you take the train or a direct flight to reach Jaipur.

Accommodation in Jaipur:

1) Rambagh Palace
Rambagh Palace is one of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in Jaipur and spells royalty like no other hotel. The hotel is known for its ancient architectural designs and for rendering the best hospitality experience. If you think, it’s out of your budget, you can also visit the multi-cuisine restaurant for a meal just to experience the luxury.
Where? Bhawani Singh Road, Rambagh, Jaipur.


2) Shahpura House
A 3-star hotel, Shahpura House has the feel and service of a 5-star hotel but at lower rates. So, if you’re looking at a 5-Star type experience but have budget constraints, choose Shahpura House as your accommodation in Jaipur. The best part about the hotel is the mountain views from the hotel rooms.
Where? D-257, Devi Marg, Bani Park, Jaipur.



3) Umaid Bhavan Hotel
A modern heritage hotel, Umaid Bhavan has an essence of Rajasthani culture at very good prices especially for those who want to experience old-world royalty but have smaller travel budgets. The exteriors of the hotel resemble a traditional Rajasthani palace and the room interiors are also very well done.
Where?  D1-2A, Behind Collectorate, Via Bank Road, Bani Park, Jaipur.



Places to visit:

1) City Palace
The abode of the Maharaja, City Palace is a huge establishment with grand staterooms, archaic museums and royal gates. If you love discovering the histories of places and monuments, you will love City Palace as the museum rooms display everything, right from art to armoury. Make sure you have about 2 hours in hand when you’re visiting the City Palace so that you can explore the whole Palace.


2) Hawa Mahal
The Hawa Mahal is a multi-windowed part of the City Palace itself but definitely deserves a special mention. The Hawa Mahal has many small windows that were used by the Maharaja’s wives to peep out and observe the daily happenings at the Court, without being visible to the commoners. Also called the Palace of Winds, the Hawa Mahal is designed in such a way so as to allow the constant flow of air, through the staterooms and the entire Palace. Expect to spend about half an hour at the Hawa Mahal.

3) Amer Fort
One of the most important palisades built in Rajasthan, the Amber Fort will give you the best views of the entire city. The architectural design of the Amer Fort is an amalgamation of the Hindu-Islamic architectural styles and is constructed with red and white stone marbles. One of the highlights of the Fort is the light show that takes place every evening between 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm and explains Jaipur’s history and takes you through the city’s heritage, all in 50 minutes. The Amer Fort is very easily accessible by auto-rickshaw or taxi and is about 7 kilometres north of Jaipur. Your visit to Jaipur will not be deemed complete unless you visit the Amer Fort, this historical palace is a must visit when you’re in Jaipur.


4) Jal Mahal
Built in the 18th Century, Jal Mahal, also known as the water palace was constructed for duck-hunting by the Maharaja looks like it is floating in the Sagar Lake. Unfortunately, tourists and visitors are not allowed to visit the Palace as it is in the process of being transformed into a luxurious hotel. Keep about 20 minutes to view the palace from afar.

Besides these places, you could also visit Albert Hall Museum, Jaigarh Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Statue Circle, Jawahar Circle

Best restaurants in Jaipur:

1) Samode Haveli
Rajasthan is all about royalty and Samode Haveli serves royalty on a platter. Serving Mughlai, Continental, North Indian and Rajasthani cuisines, Samode Haveli was an Indian mansion that has now been converted into a luxury hotel by the royal family of Samode, itself. Recommend you to try out the Dal Makhani, Butter Chicken and the Laal Maans at Samode Haveli. The ambiance and service at Samode Haveli will make you want to visit the place over and over again.
Where? Near Jorawar Singh Gate, Gangapole, Jaipur.


2) Om Revolving Restaurant
Ever fancied a full 360-degree view while you binge on some delectable food? Om Revolving Restaurant is exactly that. They serve North Indian, Chinese, Rajasthani and Continental cuisines but I suggest you try out the Rajasthani Thali while you enjoy the views of the Pink City.
Where? Hotel OM Tower, MI Road, Church Rd, Jaipur.



3) 1135 AD
Enter the restaurant and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the royal era and that you’re one of the royal highnesses. Experience royalty Jaipur style at 1135 AD amidst the warm hospitality and finger-licking good food, here. As if this wasn’t enough, the restaurant also has live music that you can listen to while you savour the food. I recommend you to order the Chicken Tikka, Paneer Lababdar and some Paan Ice Cream when you’re dining here. 1135 AD is located on Amer Road, so plan your visit in a way that you can dine at 1135 AD before or after your visit to the Amer Fort.
Where? Amer Road, Amer Kila, Jaipur.

Courtesy: TripAdvisor
4) Bar Palladio
One of the most well-decorated and fancy places in Jaipur, Bar Palladio is an Italian restaurant that serves some of the best Spaghetti Arabiatta, Tiramisu and Italian starters. Give this place a try if you’re looking at eating another cuisine, I’m sure you’ll won’t be disappointed.
Where? Kanota Bagh, Bhag Singh Road, Adarsh Nagar, Jaipur.



Best time to Visit:
As we already know, Jaipur has three seasons, the best time to visit would be in the winter months that is, from November to February. Do not plan your trip in the summer season (from the month of March to July) unless you want to get scorched in the sun and get heat strokes. However, if at all you have to visit around this time, make sure you book an air-conditioned hotel and carry enough water with you all through your trip.

Tell me what intrigues you about the Pink City, in the comments below!


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