Hampi- A weekend getaway from Bangalore

So, we have the first guest post by one of my very close friends Aadhar Agrawal. After being in Spain for over a year, he came back to his homeland with a new found love for travelling and exploring places. He moved to Bangalore few months back and decided to explore Hampi – The Historical Town, that is a hippie’s delight. Here’s his itinerary and experience.
Hampi, a small town in North of Karnataka, famous for it’s historical ruins and the hippie laid back life on the other side of the river, had been on my travel bucket list for over a year. One fine Friday night, we decided to leave from Bangalore to visit the land of Tenali Rama.
Day 1 :
After an 8 hour overnight bus journey, we reached Hampi around 6 am in the morning. The bus drops you in the market and one needs to take an auto ride to reach the river :
The boat ride got us to the other side of the river, famous for it’s cafes, natural beauty and laid back lifestyle. We rented bikes and reached our guest house to freshen up and start our Hampi escapades.
Post a heavy breakfast, which was obviously much needed, we drove to the Tungabhadra reservoir along the river and the canal. The drive was without doubt picturesque and surreal. 
We then drove to ‘The Jungle Tree’ guesthouse. A highly recommended place for a nice relaxed afternoon, listening to some good music. The owners at this place are friendly and courteous. They can help you find things around Hampi. 
After a relaxed afternoon was time for a dip in the water and that’s exactly where we headed to next. We came across boats on the Tungabhadra Lake which took us to a swimmable portion of the lake. 
The evening was spent at different cafes in hippie village – Laughing Buddha (a must visit, more to come on day 2).
Day 2 :
We had planned to explore more of hippie village today before heading to the village side of the river to see the ruins. We had breakfast at a local shop offering South Indian breakfast options before heading off to drive around and bask in the natural beauty.
We headed to Laughing Buddha once again for a sumptuous lunch. The view and food at this cafe during afternoon/evening is wonderful and not worth missing while exploring Hampi.
Later, we crossed the river to see the ruins. We visited Vithala temple and a hill nearby to see the sunset.
We came back to civilization in one of the restaurants in Hospet before boarding our busy back to Bangalore.
Here’s to a short, sweet and a memorable weekend trip when you’re short on time. I have another blog for when you have a little more than a weekend at your disposal. Stay tuned and feel free to drop in your queries.

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