Party Capital of India – Goa!

Goa is famous in India for its nightlife and for the clubs that Goa has. Waves of people flock to Goa during the months of November to January, especially during Christmas and New Years just to party. Goa hosts some of the most enviable parties and party festivals including Sunburn(now shifted to another city) that used to attract approximately 20,000 party-goers from all around the world. Music at Goan clubs ranges from foot-tapping Bollywood music to country-side music to dizzying trance music. A new but super popular party trend that has come about is that of Silent Parties. Silent parties are events wherein the participants are all given wireless headphones and they broadcast the music directly on these headphones. Silent parties are also called headphone parties and the best part about these parties is that you can change the music as per your taste by changing the DJ channel, think of it as a radio station. Here are 8 places you must visit in Goa if you love partying:

1) Hilltop at Vagator
If you’re a psytrance lover, Hilltop is definitely going to be your favourite place in Goa. Head to Hilltop on Sundays post 5 pm and soak in the trance vibe at pumping parties that Hilltop hosts. Hilltop is an open-air party place that has been in the business since the 1970s.  Partying on Sundays isn’t a bad idea at all when you’re in Goa! It is GOA, after-all!!
Where? Ozran Beach Road, Michael’s School, Near St, Vagator, Goa.


2) Thalassa at Vagator
Thalassa is a Greek restaurant that serves some of the finest Greek food in Goa. The restaurant also hosts super-fun parties on every night of the week. Head to Thalassa if you’re in the mood for some Greek food and dancing.
Where? Small Vagator, Ozran, Near Nine Bar, Vagator, Goa.

3) Shiva Valley at South Anjuna
As the name already suggests, the club plays pumping trance music that hippies and ravers get lost in. Every Tuesday, you’ll see waves of crowds at Shiva Valley dancing and grooving to old Goa trance music.
Where? Anjuna Beach, Near Flea Market, St. Michael Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa.


4) Curlies at South Anjuna Beach
Another extremely popular party place in Goa is Curlies. If you have friends or family who are not into trance music, head to Curlies as they’ve got an extensive food menu that’ll satiate all appetites and tastes. Curlies has different genres of music playing on different nights of the week. Thursdays are usually trance nights, Mondays are for techno music while weekend music genres depend on the season time and the DJs playing.
Where? Near Flea Market, St Michael Vaddo, Anjuna, Goa.


5) Club Cubana at Arpora
Club Cubana is a ‘nightclub in the sky’ as it is situated on top of a hill. The club is huge and so, you don’t have to worry about the place being too crowded or crammed up. It can easily accommodate about 3000 people and has various rooms playing different genres of music that everyone likes. If you think that’s the only thing that Cubana has, to offer, you would be surprised to know about the Jacuzzi and swimming pool that the club has. Make sure you carry some cover-ups or extra clothes if you plan to jump in the pool or you’ll freeze in the chilly weather. Entry for couples is priced at Rs.2000/- whereas stags are charged Rs.1500/- (inclusive of alcohol). The best days to visit Club Cubana are Wednesday nights or Saturday nights as they have a Ladies’ night and a Models’ Night on these days, respectively.
Where? Calangute – Arpora Road, Arpora, Goa.


6) Love Passion Karma at Nerul Road
Goa’s very own Love Passion Karma (LPK) might sound scandalous at first but the club is definitely a must-visit if you love to party. Love Passion Karma is a club that stands out from other Goan clubs because of the way it is designed. The decor is ancient-like with perfectly carved and chiseled sculptures that take you back to the stone-age. When the club is lit up, it has the best ambiance, ever. As if this was not enough, the club is situated at a waterfront and so, naturally is surrounded by water on three sides. Over weekends, LPK has a completely different vibe where DJs play the best of the best and make sure you dance till you drop. Right from Bollywood to trance, LPK has something for everybody.
Where?  Nerul Road, Opposite Bank of India, Nerul, Goa.


7) Silent Noise at Palolem
Located at the end of the Palolem beach, Silent Noise is the best place in Goa to head to, for a silent party. They host silent parties on Saturday nights and these go on till the wee hours of morning. You’ll hear some of the best DJs throwing out party songs at the crowd along with an array of laser lights, fog machines, dancers and aerial performances. Charges would be approximately Rs.600/- per person (inclusive of headphone hiring charges)
Where?  Neptune Point Beach Resort, Palolem, Goa.


8) The Laughing Buddha at Arambol
The Laughing Buddha is a club in South Goa and is the best place for a silent party on a weekday. They hold silent parties at the beach near the club on every Tuesday night, so all you’ve got to do is, pick up your pair of headphones from their desk, put on your favourite music and dance like nobody’s watching. This is also a good idea if you’re a little low on cash but still want to have a fun night-out as they charge only about Rs.350/- (inclusive of the headphone rental cost).
Where? Arambol, Goa

Other than partying the night away in Goa, you could also visit the Saturday night market at Arpora, between Baga and Anjuna, which is a flea market that’s lit up with soft country-side music playing while you shop to your heart’s delight. Even the Calangute Bazaar that opens at 6:30 am and stays open till about 12 pm, is a good idea if you’re looking at picking up some Kashmiri or Tibetan items. These places will also give you a chance to put your haggling skills to some serious use.


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