Top 9 things to do in Daman

Lying in the Western coast of India, the city of Daman has lots to see and do for adventure freaks, history buffs and for those who have a keen interest in learning about the culture of cities. A fun combination of the European and Indian cultures only makes the Union Territory of Daman and Diu more fun to visit. Plus, it is under 3 hours from Mumbai so you can go here any weekend. Here are 9 things to do in Daman to make your weekend scenes sorted:

1) Visit the beaches in Daman-

When you think of a holiday and if you think of beaches, Daman has plenty of beaches where you can relax as you kickstart your trip. Beaches in Daman are exactly how you imagine them to be, with glistening black sand by the shore, headed by the shining sun and palm trees that embrace the beach. The best thing to do at the beaches in Daman is to lie down on the beach beds while you sip on some drinks and have some food, you could also get a horse ride on the bead or just watch kids playing in water. Some of the best beaches in Daman are the Jampore beach, the Devka beach and the Nagoa beach, you can choose which one you want to visit, depending on your place of accommodation.


2) Go sightseeing in Daman-

Do the most touristy thing you can when you are in Daman, go sightseeing! With myriad sightseeing options, you won’t be bored when in Daman. Visit Moti Daman, the Dominican Monastery, Saint Jerome Fort, the House of Blockage and the Lighthouse. The city’s architecture is largely based on colonial designs and so, for anyone who loves history and design, these would definitely be a treat to visit. There are a lot of guided tours that take you through all the tourist attractions in the city, you could either choose those or explore the city on your own.



3) Shop till you drop when in Daman-

No trip is considered complete until and unless you go shopping in the region. Daman, like any other place, has some very popular shopping spots, the DMC market and the Nani market are great for shopping at wholesale rates while the Hong Kong market in Daman is the place to go for handicrafts, exported clothes and gift items. Another popular place where you can shop from is the Biblos market and the Ace shopping mall. Some of the best things that you can shop for when in Daman are the handicrafts which are perfect reflections of the city’s culture and artisans’ skills. Don’t forget to pick up some souvenirs from the city so you can take back a part of the city with you.



4) Eat your heart out in Daman-

After shopping and carrying heavy shopping bags, you would have definitely worked up an appetite, so head to some of the best restaurants in Daman and let your tummy feel the happiness of a hearty meal. There are lots of restaurants in Daman that serve various cuisines right from European cuisines to local tribal cuisines. Visit Kathi Junction for some yummy Kathi rolls if you just want to snack on something light or visit the ‘Sea View Beach Restro’ restaurant for a more elaborate dining experience. Pepperzz and Daman Delite are two other famous restaurants where you can get your fix of delicious food in Daman.



5) Explore the spiritual side of Daman-

Get a taste of the spiritual side of Daman when you are in the city, learn about the temples and churches that were built in the medieval era. These structures not only give you an insight into the religious beliefs of the locals but also into the rich history of the city. The carvings on the pillars of the temples will only leave you marvelling at their precision and beauty. You can’t miss the Basilica of Bom Jesus Church and the Church of Our Lady of Rosario among the churches in Daman. As for temples, visit the Kunteshwar Mahadev Mandir and the Samudra Narayan Mandir when you are in the city.



6) Play at the Casino in Daman-

Got a thing for casinos? Visit the casinos in Daman and try your luck at the gambling machines. The largest casino in Daman is the Deltin Casino which is spread over a sprawling 60,000 square feet. The casino boasts of having over a thousand gaming machines, thirty table games and two in-house restaurants that serve finger-licking good food that you can munch on while playing at the Casino.



7) Have some fun at the Mirasol water park in Daman-

The Mirasol water park in Bhimpore (Daman) is the best place to go to if you are looking for a full day of fun with your loved ones. The park remains open from 11am to 6pm and offers thrilling rides for every age group so whether you are travelling with friends, family or your partner, the Mirasol water park guarantees a fun time to all!


8) Pack in some adventure sports-

Daman, being a coastal city, has a lot of adventure sports and watersports that you can participate in while you are holidaying in the city. You can choose from para-sailing in Daman or take leisurely boat rides in the water. Another experience that Daman’s Jampore beach offers are camel and horse rides.

9) Visit the museum at Diu-

Daman and Diu are located very close to each other and so, we suggest you take half a day to explore Diu, too. You will find some amazing antique statues, intricate wood-carvings and some perfectly made sculptures at the Diu museum. A very distinguished point about the museum at Diu is that it was originally a church which was then developed into a museum. Diu museum is the place to go if you are looking at exploring the history, culture and architecture of the city.

Diu museum



Best time to visit Daman:

The best time to visit Daman is from the months of October to March so you can indulge in fun outdoor activities and sightseeing while the weather is pleasant.

Daman is the perfect mix of fun and relaxation with just the right amount of historical significance. With something to do for everyone, Daman emerges as one of the must visit places if you’re from Mumbai.

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