Top 7 Things to do in Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh, the lush state of India is popular for its wildlife, waterfalls and temples. The Chhattisgarh capital, Raipur has lots of fun things to do for tourists coming in from different parts of the world. The capital city is mainly known for its food processing units and for producing some of the best furniture. Chhattisgarh is the perfect holiday destination for family members to visit together as it is a perfect mix of parks, waterfalls, caves and temples which leaves something for every family member. Have put together a list of the top 7 things to do in Chhattisgarh. Read on to find out more about the places to visit in Chhattisgarh.

Top 7 things to do in Chhattisgarh:

1) Visit the Chitrakoot Waterfalls-
Regarded as India’s own Niagara Falls, the Chitrakoot waterfalls are located close to Jagdalpur of Bastar District and are the largest waterfalls of India. The waterfalls are horse-shaped, full of thick verdant cover that not only adds to the beauty of the entire place but also makes the place relatively cooler than the rest of the places. The sight of the beaming waterfall and the sounds of the waters gushing down will always be things that you will never forget, making you want to visit the place again! The best time to visit the Chitrakoot waterfalls would be from 6:30am to 6:30pm.
Where? The Chitrakoot waterfalls are located about 38 kilometres away from Jagdalpur, in Tiratha, Chhattisgarh.

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2) Jungle Safari in Chhattisgarh-
The heavily forested areas of Chhattisgarh are home to some of the most exquisite wildlife creatures. Your trip to the state of Chhattisgarh will not be complete till you don’t explore the wildlife of the region. Make sure you head to the Mahasamund district of Raipur for a jungle safari at the Barnawapara Wildlife Sanctuary. Spread over an area of 245 square kilometres, the sanctuary houses tigers, leopards, pythons, porcupines, the bison and even antelopes. Going forward, you will also come across monkeys jumping from one tree to another, parrots and herons that swiftly fly over your head and black bucks strolling around while you are out on a jungle safari at the sanctuary.
Where? The wildlife sanctuary is located at a distance of about 100 kilometres from Raipur and 45 kilometres from the city of Mahasamund.

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3) Rajeev Smriti Van-
A remarkable scientifically built conservation site, the Rajeev Smriti Van is spread over a sprawling 14 acres and was built with the primary aim of creating awareness about the importance of conserving nature. A very special thing about the Rajeev Smriti Van is that everything at the park is run on solar energy. This place is a must visit especially if you are travelling with kids as it will be a fun day out for them while they also learn about environmental conservation.
Where? The Rajeev Smriti Van is located at a distance of about 12 kilometres from the Raipur city.



4) Visit the Purkhouti Munktangan-
Conceptualized and built by the Cultural Department of Chhattisgarh Government, Purkhouti Munktangan displays the various natural resources and the existing industries along with infrastructures. Again, a very entertaining place to visit in Chhattisgarh if you are travelling with kids as this museum cum theme park allows you to have a look at everything that Chhattisgarh has, that too only under one roof. You will be able to see the model of Kawardha, various Fold dance models and the Jagdalpur forest model at Purkhouti Munktangan. The park remains open from 7am to 6pm on all days of the week and has very reasonable entry charges (Children below 12 years of age: Rs.2/- and for those above 12 years of age: Rs. 5/-).
Where? The museum is located in Naya Raipur which is about 19 kilometres away from Raipur.

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5) Have some fun at MM Fun City-
Fun City in Raipur is one of the best places to visit when you are in Chhattisgarh. Fun City is an amusement park which has lots of enjoyable things to do, whether you are travelling with family, with friends or even if you are alone! Choose from the water slides, the wave pool or the family pool. Your kids can enjoy rides in the dedicated kid’s zone at Fun City. Don’t miss the water rides at the amusement park that will take you on a joy ride, swirling through meandering slides as you fall into a big water pool. The park also has a rain dance section where you can dance to the tunes of some rocking Bollywood songs. At the end of the day, when you are tired from all the jumping around and have elephants in your tummies, grab some yummy food at their in-house restaurant. The park also has AC rooms where you can take some rest or even keep your belongings while you are enjoying at the water park.
Where? Baktara Godhi Road, Raipur.



6) Kailash and Kotumsar Caves-
The Kailash and Kotumsar Caves are known to be the longest caves in the world that stretch to about 100 metres. Unfortunately, you can’t go very deep into the cave as there is no oxygen beyond a certain point. The Kailash and Kotumsar Caves have got to be your answer if you want to do some adventurous and fun in Chhattisgarh. You can visit the caves from 7am to 7pm, however, we would suggest you go early in the day to avoid the darkness.
Where? The Kailash and Kotumsar Caves are located about 40 kilometres away from the Jagdalpur district, very close to the Tirathgarh Waterfalls.

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7) Mahant Ghasidas Memorial Museum-
This one is mainly for history buffs and those who have an interest in architecture. Built in a typical British architectural style, the museum was established in 1875 by Raja Mahant Ghasidas and has come to be a preservation site that is home to objects of anthropology, paintings, arts, crafts, natural history and archaeology. When you visit the museum, make sure you go to the second floor of the museum which stocks some ancient coins, images, inscriptions and sculptures. Another part of the museum also displays exhibits that are related to nature. The museum remains open from 9:30am to 6pm on all days of the week.
Where? Raipur, Chhattisgarh.  



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