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Singapore, a city-country-island and the only one at that, is a highly developed hub that attracts tourists from all around the world. Home to the Universal Studios (Singapore), Sentosa island, picturesque botanic gardens and huge malls and the best airport in the world- Changi International airport, this place has lots do for all kinds of travellers. With so many things to do and see, people often get confused about things they should do and since I’ve spent there a good 20 days, I think you should visit these places. It goes without saying that these places are over and above Sentosa islands and Universal studious! Those are absolutely must and besides those, here’s your guide to Singapore :

Top 5 things to do in Singapore:

1) Visit Marina Bay Sands-
No guide to Singapore can go without mentioning the magnificent Marina Bay Sands. One of the most photographed sites, the Marina Bay Sands’ 57th-floor observation deck is accessible by the public, from where you can overlook the spectacular skyline of the most beautiful city. Another attraction at Marina Bay is the infinity pool, we are sure you have seen lots of Instagram pictures with barebacked people, overlooking Singapore from the infinity pool. The only problem here is that the pool is only open to members staying at the hotel or for registered guests. To get some stunning views, head to the Sky Park Observation Deck, you can also go to the Supertree Grove, the Gardens by the Bay, basically everything at Marina.

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2) Night Safari at the Singapore Zoo-
Originally known as the Singapore Zoological Gardens and fondly called the Mandai Zoo by the locals, the Singapore Zoo is spread over a large twenty-eight hectares. The night Safari in Singapore was the first ever safaris in the entire world where visitors can watch nocturnal animals. This reserve houses over 130 species of animals and about 2500 wild creatures. A very noteworthy fact about the reserve is that more than one-third of the park’s animals are endangered. The night Safari of the park lasts for about 40 minutes where you are taken through seven different themed geographic areas. It is best i you book the experience for a weekday as weekends get too crowded. The zoo remains open for visitors from 8:30am to 6pm on all days of the week. The Singapore Zoo also has day visits where you can have a closer look at the wildlife within the zoo, the zoo guarantees a very exciting experience to visitors, whether you are travelling with family, friends or even if you are on a solo trip. 



3) Peranakan Museum-
A must-visit for history enthusiasts, the Peranakan museum was built in the year of 1912. The museum is made inside a converted Chinese school and is devoted to Peranakan culture, history, and visual arts. For a peaceful visit to the museum and to avoid the crowds, it is best if you check the online schedule of the museum to see if there are any tour groups that are scheduled for that particular day. You avoid days when there are tour groups coming in to visit the museum.

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4) The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum-
Founded by Venerable Shi Fa Zhao in 2002, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum is a Chinese Buddhist cultural complex. The build and architecture of the complex is a leaf from the Tang Dynasty of China and is based on the principles of the Buddhist Mandala. As you might have already figured, a visit to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum is a visual treat especially for those with a keen interest in architecture. The exteriors of the complex are painted in a beautiful orange and have archaic ornate carvings that make for a super background for pictures, too! The museum also displays some rare collectables that will please the inner historian in you.

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5) Thian Hock Keng-
The Thian Hock Keng, also fondly called the Tianfu Temple, is the oldest Buddhist temple in Singapore. The temple has been built without employing a single nail but still has a gorgeous Chinese architectural style. The temple houses dragon and Phoenix sculptures that only add to the beauty of the structure. The temple has strict rules that prohibit pictures in major parts of it, you will probably get caught if you are found clicking pictures inside, so don’t do it!

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Hotels in Singapore:
When you are on vacation especially in a place like Singapore, you would want the best accommodation facilities, wouldn’t you? Here are three hotels in Singapore that you can choose from when you visit:

1) Sofitel Singapore City Centre-
One of the most luxurious properties in Singapore, Sofitel Singapore City Centre offers the most lavish hospitality experiences to guests. With an interactive restaurant, coffee lounge and a bar in the lobby, you will never go hungry, thirsty or even get bored when you are staying at Sofitel. The hotel also has two huge fitness centres for fitness enthusiasts who are looking at keeping holiday weight at bay. So what if Marina Bay is a little out of our budget, you can still swim at the 30-metre infinity pool and relax with chilled drinks while you are at it.
Price range: Expensive
Where? 9 Wallich St, Singapore 078885.

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2) Oasia Hotel Novena-
Oasia Hotel in Singapore has an outdoor swimming pool, in-house restaurants that serve yummy food and well-furnished guest rooms. Guests staying at the hotel can enjoy access to the steam room, the 24-hour fitness centre and to the Club Lounge which has a different private pool that can only be used by registered guests. The hotel is located close to the Universal Studios, some well-known restaurants and is even close to the public transport stations.
Price range: Moderately expensive
Where? 8 Sinaran Drive, Novena, 307470 Singapore.

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3) Fragrance Hotel-
This one is a two-star hotel with comfortable rooms and courteous staff. The hotel is close to public transport stations and various other attractions of Singapore. Appropriate for people who are travelling either on a lower budget or are saving their accommodation cost to splurge on shopping, sightseeing and of course, food!
Price range: Very reasonable
Where? 760 Upper Serangoon Road, 534629 Singapore.

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How to reach Singapore?
Singapore is very well-connected to major cities of India. You can take a direct flight to Singapore Airport (Changi Airport) and then have your hotel arrange a pick up for you or reach your place of accommodation by taxi. Singapore is also connected to Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and Johar Bahru by train. So if you are planning a trip to any one of these places, you can also travel to these places by train, depending on your budget and time constraints.

Best time to visit Singapore:
The months from February to April are the ideal months to visit as the Singapore weather around this time is very pleasant, making outdoor activities more fun as opposed to the summer months of May and June.

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