Your Guide to watersports in Tarkarli

The Konkan belt is the most sought-after region for water sports in India, especially the Tarkarli village located in the Malvan taluka. Watersports in Tarkarli, a region in the district of Sindhudurg, on the Western side of Maharashtra, has a lot to offer.

This tiny village is home to some of the most beautiful beaches including the main Tarkarli beach, Achara beach, the Devbaugh Beach, Chivla Beach and Paradise beach among other beaches. A lot of us might only want to chill at these beaches with a bottle of cold beer but would definitely recommend you try out some water sports if you are in Tarkarli. Here are some water sports that you can indulge in when you are holidaying in Tarkarli.

1) Parasailing
Parasailing in Tarkarli is a fun experience for those who want to combine the fun of water sports while they are afloat in the sky. In parasailing, a parasail (a specially designed parachute) is usually attached to a boat which speeds through the waters, pulling the parasail along with it. Parasailing is a breathtaking experience, you will feel the chilled breeze brushing against your face as you sail through the Konkan skies.
Where? Tarkarli Beach

1) Parasailing.jpg


2) Bumper rides
Bumper rides are appropriate for those who love adventure and speed. The bumper looks like an inflatable sofa that can accommodate a maximum of four people. This is a fun activity to indulge in if you are with friends or family. You can all share the thrill when you are pulled into the waters and when you ride on the swollen sea. The best part about the bumper ride is when you fall into the refreshing sea water.
Where? Tsunami Island

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3) Scuba Diving
Tarkarli is heaven for scuba diving in India, especially for people who like to explore underwater marine life. The water is even suitable for people who are non-swimmers or first-time divers as the waters are not too deep. As you dive into the water, you will feel a rush of the cool water brushing off against you and as you go deeper, you will see exotic fish and colourful corals that will fill up your heart with joy!
Where? Dandi Beach, Malvan

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4) Snorkelling
Snorkelling is another top activity when in the list of watersports in Tarkarli. All you have to do is put on your diving mask which consists of the snorkel (tube that helps you breathe) and a floating tyre. The snorkel lets you breathe as you see the extraordinary sight of the marine creatures swimming through the water. Snorkelling is almost like a peep into the underwater world that we often neglect.
Where? Tarkarli Beach

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5) Banana Boat Rides
Banana Boat Rides are some of the most fun things to do when you are in Tarkarli, Malvan. A banana boat is not like a regular electrically powered boat but is an inflatable boat which can accommodate about three to ten people as they sit on the banana shaped boat, resting their feet on two inflatable tubes. This boat is then tied to a speedboat which pulls the banana boat into the waters and takes the riders through the waves, often tossing them into the waters, which only adds to the fun!
Where? Tsunami Island

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6) Jet skiing
A Jet Ski is a sleek-looking version of a speedboat that can accommodate a maximum of two people clad in (mandatory) life jackets. When you go jet skiing, you would usually be accompanied by a professional driver who wears kills cords around his wrist, which makes the jet ski stop in case the driver himself falls off into the waters. Jet Skiing is sure to be the most thrilling watersports in Tarkarli beach.
Where? Tarkarli beach, Deobaug beach and Tsunami Island

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7) Kayaking
Kayaking is a fun water sport which is not run by any motor or electric engine but is a boat that is propelled by a double bladed paddle. A kayak (boat used for kayaking) is a relatively small and narrow boat that has at least one cockpit and a covered deck to keep the paddler’s feet enclosed and to prevent the water from entering or clogging the kayak. Kayaking is a water sport that has developed over the years and become a favourite among adventure lovers and thrill seekers.
Where? Tsunami Island and Tarkarli Beach

7) Kayaking.jpg


Reaching Tarkarli:
Tarkarli is easily accessible from the major surrounding cities of Mumbai, Goa and Pune. The closest railway station to Tarkarli is Kudle, which is around 45 kilometres away from the main village area. Main trains that run to Tarkarli are the Konkan Express and the Mandovi Express.
You can also extend your holiday after you are done with the water sports in Tarkarli and head to Goa from Tarkarli for some fun party nights. The distance from Tarkarli to Goa is only about 146 kilometres and you can reach Goa in 4 hours.

Where to stay in Tarkarli at Malvan?
While there aren’t any super luxurious hotels and 5-stars in Tarkarli, the Malvan hotels offer comfortable stay options for travellers. Most of the hotels or resorts are located by the beaches, giving you easier access to the beach, whenever you want!

1) Aaradhya Beach Resort
This beach resort is actually a bungalow that has been converted into a resort. With 2 air-conditioned rooms, this resort is a comfortable stay option with parking facilities. They also provide breakfast, lunch and dinner on request and can arrange bookings for various sports activities for their guests.
Price range: Rs.2000/- to Rs.2500/-

1) Aaradhya Beach Resort.jpg


2) Coconut Cottage – Family Beach House
Have you ever dreamt of living in a cottage that opens its gates right to the beach? If yes, then Coconut Cottage is definitely your dream cottage! The cottage is located right in front of the Sindhudurg Fort which was built by Shivaji Maharaj and is a comfortable stay option for families. Guests can stay in the well-furnished rooms while they are on holiday and savour some of the local Malvani cuisine at this cottage.
Price range: Rs.2000/- to Rs.5000/-

2) Coconut Cottage – Family Beach House.jpg


Best time to visit:
The best months to visit Tarkarli are from the months of October through March. If you want to do water sports, we suggest you avoid the heavy rainfall months as it be dangerous and there is a high possibility that the water sports are shut.

When are you planning a trip to this hamlet to indulge in the fun watersports activities in Tarkarli?

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