It always feels good to relax after a hectic working week, but going definitely helps a lot too. Especially the one day treks from Mumbai that offer stunning views and are pocket friendly too, If you think you need a long weekend or leaves from office for a trek, here is some good news for you! The following article will help you get your fix of outdoor activity and fun, in one day!

So Mumbaikars, it is the time to break out of your routine because here are 5 of the most amazing trekking places near Mumbai! There are way more places that could be added here and you would probably see them updated here with time. So, bookmark this article.

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1) Tikona Fort
The Tikona fort is a good trekking spot for beginners. Tikona is located on a hill at an altitude of 3500 feet (above sea level) and gets its name from the triangular shape of the hill. You will have the views of the Pawana dam and other forests at Visapur, Tung and Lohagad once you reach the top. You can also visit the temple of Trimbakeshwar Mahadev, Satvahan caves and the water tanks when you are trekking the Tikona Fort.

Tikonapeth, the village located near the Fort, is 26 kilometres away from Kamshet. You can visit the Bedse caves on the way from Kamshet while you are on your way to Tikona. The ascend is steep and the steps can accommodate only a single person at a time so it is advisable to trek in smaller groups. This has to be one of the most easiest one day treks from Mumbai, so if you wish to begin, this is the place to begin with!
Difficulty level: Easy
Location: Lonavala


2) Korigad Fort.jpg

2) Korigad Fort
The Korigad Fort has two small lakes on top and the view from the top is worth all the trekking effort. The fort has enough space to accommodate campers who choose to stay overnight. The Korai Devi temple at the fort can be your shelter in case you don’t have tents.

Located near Lonavala, there are two routes to the fort, one from Peth-Shahpur and the other one from Ambavane village. However, the route from Ambavane is more difficult and relatively slippery. Reaching the top takes about 45-50 minutes from the Bhairavnath temple (Peth Shahpur).
Trek difficulty level: Easy
Location: 110 kilometres from Mumbai; 20 kilometres from Lonavala.


3) Prabalgad
The base village of the Prabalgad trek is just fifteen minutes away from Panvel railway station. The Bhavani temple at the Prabalgad Fort attracts many visitors from the surrounding cities. The Karnala Bird Sanctuary located close to the fort, the Gadeshwar dam and Manikgad are also frequented by trekkers.

On the southern side of the fort, lies the Patalganga River while the Karnala Fort lies on the northern side. Even though the Fort is located between Matheran and Panvel, it has very little access to water. To reach Prabalgad Fort, you would have to travel to Panvel and then take a 6-seater auto rickshaw (from Gandhi Hospital and Old Panvel) to Prabalgad. Another option is the State Transport bus available at Panvel Bus Depot that drops you off at Thakurwadi.
Difficulty level: Moderate
Location: Prabalmachi, Maharashtra.

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4) Harishchandragad
If you are somebody who is a regular trekker, the Harishchandragad trek is definitely going to be the best trekking spot around Mumbai, for you. Harishchandragad stands at an altitude of 4671 feet (above mean sea level) and is known to be a challenging trek, with the Makad Naal route/ Nali chi waat route being the most difficult route of all the 7 routes.

If you don’t want to take the Makad Naal route, you can take the Pachnai route which is supposed to be the easiest route, comparatively safer and more suitable for beginners. The trek takes about one day but you can also stay back and camp within the caves overnight.  

The Kedareshwar cave had 4 pillars, representing the four Yugas. The last pillar that remains, is said to represent the current era (Kalyuga) and it is believed that when the last pillar breaks down, it would be the last day of the current era. The highest point of Harishchandragad is Taramati but the stairway to the top is very risky. The nearest station to Harishchandragad is Kasara and it would take you about 3-4 hours to reach Harishchandragad, by road from Mumbai. This might get a bit difficult so make sure you have the right fitness before you embark on this one day trek from Mumbai.
Difficulty level: Difficult
Location: 90 kilometres away from Kalyan (Malshej Ghat)

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5) Tungareshwar
Located between Vasai-Virar, Tungareshwar has heavy waterfalls during the monsoons that are otherwise dry. This trek takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the Mumbai city and is a peaceful trail along green landscapes. The base of the trek is a forest check post which marks the start of your trek. You will go through two soft flowing streams to reach the famous Shiva temple.

You can take a dip in the pond that lies a little ahead of the Shiva temple. However, be careful about little crabs when you are around the water bodies.

Make sure you start heading back before it starts to get dark or you might face difficulties in navigating your way back. You can trek up to the top (approximately 8 kilometres) or stop at the Chinchoti waterfall. You can reach Tungareshwar from Vasai (East) station and take an auto to Tungareshwar or you could take the Vasai highway if you are going by road. Tungareshwar is easily one of the best places to visit around Mumbai for a one day trek as it is very convenient to access, especially when you have less time.
Difficulty level: Easy
Location: Thane

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Few Tips if you’re planning to go any of these one day treks from Mumbai:

-Make sure you are wearing the right shoes and have appropriate trekking gear on.
-Whenever you are planning a trek, assess the level of difficulty that is appropriate for you. For example, try not to go in for very difficult treks if you are a beginner. You can gradually up your level.
-To be on the safer side, speak to locals before you start trekking so you have an idea about what to expect and about any dangers that might lie ahead.
-The most important part about trekking is to understand that it is not a race to the top, all you have to do is enjoy the journey and take your time to appreciate all the beauty around you.

Drop in your favorite trekking spots for one day treks from Mumbai and I will try and visit it and include it in this blog accordingly. Happy Trekking!


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