Top 10 Travel Instagram Accounts of India

With the advent of social media, there are a lot of us looking at Instagram accounts of bloggers. If you are looking for Instagram travel accounts to give you some much needed-travel inspo, you have to check out these Instagram accounts. Here is a list of the Top 10 Instagram accounts who will give you major #TravelGoals and will make you want to book your tickets to your dream destination, right away!

1) Neelima Vallangi of neelimav
Neelima Vallangi has been an inspiration for aspiring travellers and travel bloggers to just set out on their travels without overthinking. A trekker and adventure freak, Neelima’s Instagram feed is sure to give you some major #LifeGoals. Visit her Instagram handle and you will see eye-pleasing images from all around the world. Her Instagram account is full of pictures of fiery bonfires under starry night skies, verdant landscapes, peaking mountains and lots more. You can check her website for more
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2) Archana Singh of travelseewrite
Think you’ve heard her name before? We are sure you have! Archana Singh is an award-winning travel writer and speaker who has made it big through her excellent but unique story-telling and travel photography. Her Instagram feed is full of picturesque albums that are gateways to her travels to offbeat places, all around the world. A big supporter of sustainable tourism and an extraordinary traveller, Archana is also an experienced Brand Strategist and a global public speaker.
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3) Ajay Sood of travelure
Ajay Sood has largely covered most of the continents during his travels and is definitely one of the top Indian travel bloggers of India. Even though he does not have a large following, his photographs are definitely worth a look making his account one of the best Instagram accounts. He not only features vast landscapes and touristy spots from across the world, but he also clicks beautiful pictures of architectural masterpieces of a place, capturing the essence of the region, all in one frame.
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4) Shivya Nath of shivya
Shivya, a 23-year-old traveller who quit her well-paying job at a corporate company, is a true source of inspiration for youngsters who are itching to travel but need a little push. The author of a book called The Shooting Star, Shivya has also been featured on BBC, National Geographic, WWF and has delivered TEDx talks about her travel journeys. She has travelled to major parts of the world including Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and even the Indian subcontinent.
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5) Ami Bhat of ThrillingTravel
Ami Bhat is a marketing consultant turned travel blogger who describes herself as a compulsive travel planner and photographer along with an ‘enthu’ sports player. Her Instagram accounts is full of pictures from different parts of the world, including pictures of wild animals in their natural habitats, archaic architectural structures, pristine beaches and landscapes.
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6) Nivedith Gajapathy of nivedithg
Nivedith, a professional digital marketer, quit his job in 2015 to explore the world and began his journey of becoming a travel blogger. While he is a travel freak, Nivedith is also a foodie and an experiential traveller. When you open his Instagram handle, you will see a collection of pictures from his travel expeditions and lots of #foodstagrams that will inspire you to pack your bags and just leave!
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7) Shubham Mansignka of shubham.mansingka
Shubham is an offbeat traveller who loves to travel to the different corners of the world, visiting places that most of us have never heard of. An adventure lover, trekker and a nature admirer, Shubham has visited Istanbul, Cappadocia, Kurseong, Sikkim, Darjeeling and lots of beautiful places, glimpses of which can be seen on his Instagram. Shubham has also been featured in Hindustan Times for his travel experiences.
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8) Larissa Dsa of larissa_wlc
Larissa is a youth favourite lifestyle blogger, a major part of her Instagram is also about her travel soirees. Larissa is a YouTuber who inspires her subscribers and followers through her lifestyle blog to travel and pack in vivid experiences while they are at it. When you visit her profile, you will see her dressed in some of the best-styled outfits and some superb shots of places from all around the world.
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One of the best Instagram Accounts

9) Kamya of WanderingKamya
Kamya’s Instagram is sure to give you some super wanderlust vibes. Kamya has been ‘wandering’ and travelling since 2015 and has over 700 Instagram posts that are full of her travels from all around the world. This travel blogger also has her own NGO that is directed towards environmental betterment and one that spreads awareness about sustainable travelling while also promoting green living.
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9) Kamya of WanderingKamya.jpg


10) Zaid Salman of yourworldmylens
Zaid is a Delhi based travel blogger whose Instagram feed is full of earthy pictures and creative photographs that you will only be in awe of. If you think you need to go on fancy foreign holidays to become a great travel blogger, you have to have a look at Zaid’s Instagram! When you see Zaid’s Instagram feed, which is full of food, landscapes and monuments, you will realize how you can play with different angles and perspectives to get some of the best clicks. Zaid transforms even the most ordinary sights into extraordinary pictures and that’s exactly why you should have a look at his Instagram feed.

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Travel Photography Tips:

#1 Take pictures at the golden hour. Whenever you are visiting a tourist attraction, make sure you reach the place early in the morning so you avoid all the crowds and get the best light setting for your pictures.

#2 Spot your object. The first thing to do is to spot your object and know what you want to photograph. It could be anything, right from the blue sky to the sunset to candid pictures of your friends or family.

#3 Decide your perspective. You can take pictures from lots of different perspectives and angle. All you have to do is decide whether you want a top shot, a bird’s eye view or an eye-level view.



How to get more followers on Instagram?
With so many bloggers and Instagrammers, it becomes difficult for new, aspiring bloggers to keep up and get as many followers as they want. The best practices that aspiring bloggers must follow are:
#1 Be consistent with your posts. #2 Make sure you are delivering value through your content, something that makes your audience come back to your profile, time and again. #3 Use appropriate hashtags that are relevant to your content and blog.

P.S. There are way too many people who need to be on this list but I thought it would be best to add these as of now. Drop your favorite Instagram accounts and while you’re at it, do check my Instagram feed –notjustanytraveller and give your valuable feedback 🙂

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