Kaziranga National Park

Located in the North-Eastern districts of Golaghat and Nagaon, the Kaziranga National Park is spread over a sprawling 430 square kilometres and is characterized by swampy lagoons, lush forests and elephant grass. Kaziranga is also the proud home to about 2200 one-horned Rhinoceros, which is about 2/3rd of the whole world’s Rhino population. This National Park was first established in the year 1908 and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1985. Apparently, Kaziranga’s rhino population was dwindling down, but due to Mary Curzon, wife of the then Viceroy of India, Lord Curzon of Kedleston, measures were taken to protect these one-horned Rhinos from becoming extinct. 

Kaziranga Rhinos

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Here’s everything you can see and do at Kaziranga National Park:

1) Explore the Flora at the Kaziranga National Park

One of the most unique things about the Kaziranga National Park is the difference in height of the lands that lie on the Western and Eastern sides of the park. There are four different vegetation types at this National Park- alluvial inundated grasslands, alluvial savanna woodlands, tropical moist mixed deciduous forests, and tropical semi-evergreen forests. Some of the most popular trees that you will see at this National Park are the Kumbhi, Indian gooseberry, the cotton tree, and the elephant Apple tree.

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2) Watch the animals at the Kaziranga National Park

Other than being home to the largest population of the one-horned rhinoceros, Kaziranga is also home to some other wild animals. You will see animals like the Hoolock Gibbon, Tiger, Leopard, Indian Elephant, Sloth Bear, Wild water buffalo and the swamp deer. The Indian Government has also declared this National Park as a Tiger Reserve in the year 2006 due to the increase in the number of tigers, year after year. 

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3) Bird-watching at Kaziranga

Just like the diverse flora and fauna that you can witness at Kaziranga, there are lots of bird species that you can see here, too. You can see birds like the classic raptor, the scavengers, waterfowl, terrestrial birds and even migratory birds. When you are in the Eastern part of Kaziranga, you will see raptors, fishing birds and the waterfowl. The central area of the National Park is inhabited by grassland birds and migratory birds while the western range is a combination of the eastern and the central areas. One of the most well-known bird species of Kaziranga is the Bengal Florican while the other bird species include the Grey-headed fishing eagle Brown Fish Owl, Changeable hawk eagle, Spotted Owlet, Pallas Fishing Eagle, Long Billed Vultures, Black Shouldered Kite and the Crested Serpent Eagle, Alexandrine Parakeets. 

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Best time to visit:

The best months to visit Kaziranga are the months from November to April as the weather around these months if pleasant, making outdoor activities more fun. 

Note: The park remains closed to the public from May 1st to October 31st, so plan your trip accordingly.

Seasons at Kaziranga:

Summer: The summer season at Kaziranga starts from April to May and is characterized by dry winds.

Monsoon: During the monsoon season, the water of River Brahmaputra floods the park (almost every year). Hence, we suggest avoiding a trip around this time if you are mainly going for the Kaziranga safaris.

Winter: Winters at Kaziranga start from November through January. 

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Hotels in Kaziranga

Heading to Kaziranga to enjoy the wildlife safaris or just heading there for a relaxing vacation, a good hotel is always something that adds lots of more value to your trip. Here is a list of three of the best hotels in Kaziranga where you can stay:

1) Jupuri Ghar-

Jupuri is located right opposite to the Central Zone entrance, just off the main road that falls in the Kohara Tourist range. If the main purpose of your trip to Kaziranga is the wildlife safaris, Jupuri Ghar is the perfect accommodation for you as it is located right at the foot of a hill, surrounded by woodlands and is very close to the Kaziranga National Park. You can choose to stay at one of the cottages at Jupuri, which come with attached bathrooms and give you access to all the basic amenities. This makes for a great place to stay, especially if you are travelling with family. They can also arrange jeep safaris, elephant safaris, bonfires and even visits to the tea estates.
Location: Kaziranga Tourist Complex, Kohora, Assam- 785109.

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2) Kaziranga Resort-
The Kaziranga Resort is another resort that you can choose to stay at when you are in Kaziranga. There are about six cottages at this resort which are well furnished and are apt when travelling with family and friends. Depending on the type of trip that you are taking, you can choose from cluster cottages (for two to four member families), kabri cottages (comes with attached balcony), honeymoon cottages and Assam type cottages (built in an authentic Assamese style). 

Location: NH 37, Kaziranga National Park, Golaghat, Kohora, Assam- 785609.

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3) Infinity Kaziranga Wilderness
One of the most beautiful properties around Kaziranga, Infinity Kaziranga Wilderness has huge bedrooms with glass windows, giving guests the most scenic views of lush canopies. Each room at this hotel has an earthy theme and is decorated with bamboo, teak wood and thatch, adding just the right touches of nature to the otherwise luxurious room. Each room also has attached triangular balconies, where you can sip morning cuppa, while you hear some sweet bird-chirping sounds.
Location: P.O.Kaziranga, Golaghat District, Bochagaon, Assam- 785109.

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Insider Tips: 

  • Don’t go alone for the safari, you will not be allowed, nor is it safe for travellers to roam about the park without the guidance of experts, as there are cobras, pythons and tigers in the jungle. 
  • Carry a jacket and a cap with you, irrespective of the season that you are travelling in. 
  • If you are going for a jeep safari at Kaziranga, make sure you reach on time. The jeep safari goes on for about three hours, after which you will be dropped to your place of accommodation, depending on where your hotel is. 
  • The entry prices change every year and are different for foreign nationals and Indians.
  • The entry ticket remains valid for an entire day. 

Kaziranga is one of the best National Parks of India where you can spot some of the best wild animals, birds while you take long, relaxing strolls around the verdant forests. Tell us everything that you are looking forward to at Kaziranga National Park.

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